Children’s Birthday Parties

Honey & Zee dreaming up their birthday party adventures at the beach

Honey & Zee create magical, musical ukulele birthday parties for your child. They provide ukulele entertainment, ukulele live music, party games, party bags as well as the decor.

The theme of their children’s parties is ‘under the sea’ and they take children on a magical under the water adventure with live ukulele songs, party games and dancing, a treasure hunt, and magical handmade props.

Children are given the chance to try a variety of instruments, such as giant drums, triangles, bells as well as a simple ukulele lesson on the ukulele.

In addition, they use a parachute, bubbles and rainbow sticks for fun interactive games. Honey & Zee host their children’s birthday parties at Brighton Girl’s School.

Honey & Zee can provide incredible decor, which feels like you have swum under the ocean when you walk into the room, which has been designed in collaboration with BAFTA award winning set designer Rob Cameron, who designed the sets for the likes of Game of Thrones and The Da Vinci Code. Honey & Zee can dress as mermaids or pirates, depending on what your child would like.

Honey & Zee can also provide a premium party package, available upon request. This package can provide, for instance, party bags containing a ukulele for children to take home and how to play the ukulele sheets.

How much does it cost?

Birthday Party Cost: £250

This price includes your venue, entertainment, and decorations (all done for you).

Premium Birthday Party Cost: Bespoke price upon request.

If you are interested in a magical musical under the sea party for your little one, please contact us using the form below:

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