Slide Ukulele classes for children Ukulele tutorials to release your happy!

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Hi! I’m Penny, a local musician, and mum who loves playing the ukulele, singing and teaching children. I run small group face-to-face classes, in which children can learn to play fun, catchy songs on the ukulele together. I have ukuleles to lend students, while they’re learning. Students who’d like to can perform what they’ve learnt at local events.

I’ve also created online video ukulele tutorials for children and adults. Each video contains chords and lyrics to help you play along.

Why learn the ukulele?

Making music has been proven to be so good for your well being. In fact, research has revealed that it:

  • Boosts brain function (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Strengthens speech processing (North Western University)
  • Magnifies memory (Frontiers in Neuroscience)
  • Promotes empathy
  • Fosters maths and science ability (The journal of Educational Psychology)
  • Improves motor skills (Concordia University in Montreal)
  • Elevates mental health
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts immune function

I could go on…the benefits to children and adults alike are endless. It’s important to highlight that it is making music, not listening, that causes these positive effects.

The ukulele is a small, portable, relatively cheap and relatively easy instrument to master.It’s a great instrument to start to learn.

Playing the ukulele makes me happy. It might make you happy too, so why not have a go today and release your happy?

What people say about learning with me

“Penny is a wonderful teacher who combines learning with so much fun. My daughters are enraptured when she sings and plays, and her lessons are a firm favourite with my older daughter.
Fantastic fun for all ages – I would definitely recommend her”

– Lorna

“Wonderful! My 2 girls do ukulele classes with Penny at nursery and LOVE it. I totally recommend this mums!”

– Storm

Penny is fantastic! A great introduction to playing the ukulele. My daughter looks forward to her class each week.

– Gini