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We create videos for parents and kids to play their favourite songs on the ukulele

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Shows & Festivals

Ukeboxbaby burst onto the children’s music entertaiment scene in a puff of glitter, bubbles and streamers, securing huge gigs including Camp Bestival, a leading family music festival on one of the largest stages – The Big Top, which holds 5,000 people. Ukeboxbaby has performed at this award winning festival for the last three years. In addition, Ukeboxbaby has performed at Brighton Fringe Festival to sell out audiences on some of the largest stages. Other performances include no less than Brighton’s acclaimed Komedia theatre, Brighton’s Spiegeltent, Fat Boy Slim’s Big Beach Cafe and many more, always to sell out audiences.

Ukeboxbaby shows are perhaps the most interactive shows out there for children, they keep children extremely entertained all the way through. They are also educational and very creative. Founder of Ukeboxbaby, performer and singer, Penny Honey is an ex teacher and a mum, which means she understands how to keep young children very entertained. What’s more, her shows are compiled in line with EYFS. Penny is a firm believer that music is the strongest form of magic. She is on a mission to spread the joy of music to growing minds through the power of the ukulele.

Ukeboxbaby shows include ukulele song lessons, giant balloons, confetti cannons, silly string, water guns and even hoola hoops to bring the stories to life. Founder, Penny Honey, has created three extremely creative shows – ‘The Rainbow Fish’ based in the sea, ‘Monkey Snap’, based in the jungle and ‘Into The Stars’ based in space. Each show has a poinient moral message and includes optional simple ukulele lessons on stage for the children. The shows include covers and original songs that parents recognise from the dance scene, children’s songs, often mixed in with a dance beat by Ukeboxbaby’s resident DJ, ‘DJ Daddy’, plus Ukeboxbaby’s own songs, produced for the show. You can find Ukeboxbaby’s songs on Spotify and Apple Music.


‘This show was the best show on Earth’ – Boy 10 after he watched ‘The Rainbow Fish’ at Brighton Fringe Festival.

‘It was amazing, a rave for me as well as great for daughter.’ Mum of a 4 year old girl, Caravanserai

If you would like Penny Honey and her team to perform at your event, please email:

YouTube Tutorials

Founder, Penny Honey gives free ukulele tutorials on her Ukeboxbaby YouTube channel to help you learn the ukulele, with chords and lyrics to follow. You can find a few on this tutorial page, but subscribe to the free Ukeboxbaby YouTube channel for free tutorials.

Why learn the ukulele?

Making music has been proven to be so good for your well being. In fact, research has revealed that it:

  • Boosts brain function (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Strengthens speech processing (North Western University)
  • Magnifies memory (Frontiers in Neuroscience)
  • Promotes empathy
  • Fosters maths and science ability (The journal of Educational Psychology)
  • Improves motor skills (Concordia University in Montreal)
  • Elevates mental health
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts immune function

“Playing the ukulele makes me happy. It might make you happy too, so why not have a go today and release your happy?” Penny Honey.

Subscribe to YouTube @ukeboxbaby to start learning today.

Penny Honey has taught many children the ukulele in her local community. Her shows have now taken over, but here are some quotes from parents whose children she has taught.

Quotes from happy parents

“My 2 year old LOVES Ukeboxbaby and really looks forward to it.There is plenty of interaction and lots of instruments provided to keep the little ones engaged. We practice at home and it is really encouraging his love of music. Honey and Zee are great facilitators, I highly recommend coming along!”

Kate & Lennox

“This is Robert’s absolute favorite music class! He truly enjoys playing the instruments and listening to music with other children, the sessions are interactive and loads of fun. We are looking forward to attending the next term.”

Psofia & Robert

Lilly comes home buzzing about her uke lessons. They are, hands down, her favourite after school club. We can’t wait to see her and the rest of the group perform at the end of term


To inspire your child to become a musician, and for an incredible experience for both you and your child, be sure to go and see a Ukeboxbaby show when you get the chance.

Friday’s Ukeboxbaby Class
Psofia & Robert

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