Ukulele After-School Clubs

We run ukulele after-school clubs in which children aged 7+:

Honey & Zee with doggies Bo Peep & Pixie
  • can be in their first band,
  • learn to play fun songs on the ukulele and some basic music theory,
  • learn performance skills and have the option of performing ukulele songs to an audience,
  • form new friendships and have fun.

Children learn the ukulele with me in their first band. Children name their band, help decide on the songs and have the option of performing to a live audience at local family events.

A budding ukulele star

Classes are £6 per child and are a cost-effective way for your child to learn an instrument. We currently work at Brighton Girls School.

If you would like us to:

  • run an after-school class at your child’s Brighton & Hove school, or
  • if you are a school looking for a new after-school club

please get in touch using the form below.

After School Club Contact Form

    Online Ukulele Course For Kids

    Free if isolating

    Designed to make learning super-fun for kids, learn the essential chords that will allow you to play hundreds of songs; plus, if your child is home stuck isolating, we will let you have the course for free!

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