Ukuleles for sale

I sell new or second-hand Tiger Soprano ukuleles – great for beginners. They come is a variety of bright, fun colours.

Customised Ukuleles

You can customise your ukulele with a hand-painted, beautiful design of your choice (like I have) by local artist Jacqui.

Order through me for a discount on her beautiful designs.
Jacqui will take your current ukulele and create a beautiful masterpiece!

Alternatively, you can buy a pre-painted ukulele from her, with one of her unique bespoke designs on.

Jacqui painted my ukulele a glittering gold with a stunning phoenix on the front.

Ukulele for sale

Here is a blue version of the phoenix that’s available for sale today! If you are interested in buying it, use the form below:

Stunning hand painted ukulele for sale

The video shows my phoenix ukulele being born!

Order your ukulele

To buy one of Jacqui’s custom painted ukulele’s, or to get her to hand-paint your own ukulele, please send her a message using my form below she will give you £5 off!

Shipping across UK and international is available. Please make sure you let Jacqui know in your message if you need shipping.