Customised ukuleles

Customise your ukulele from local artist Jacqui.

Jacqui will take your current ukulele and create a beautiful masterpiece!

Alternatively, you can buy a pre-painted ukulele from her, with one of her unique bespoke designs on.

Jacqui painted my ukulele a glittering gold with a stunning phoenix on the front.

Ukulele for sale

Here is a blue version of the phoenix that’s available for sale today! If you are interested in buying it, use the form below:

Stunning hand painted ukulele for sale

The video shows my phoenix ukulele being born!

Order your own ukulele

Jacqui’s custom painted ukulele’s start from £35, and if you send her a message using my form below she will give you £5 off!

Shipping across UK and international is available. Please make sure you let Jacqui know in your message if you need shipping.