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I am a mum and a musician who started Ukebox Baby to give children the chance to try playing an instrument from a young age. Our classes teach children how to play the ukulele and discover music, with fun-packed classes. Ukuleles are relatively resonably priced, compared to other instruments, and group classes are much more affordable than private tuition. Our classes are therefore, a great way to give your child the chance to try out playing an instrument.

My passion for music began at school where I studied singing up to Grade 8. At the specialist theatre school, Hurtwood House, my love of singing and performance grew and has led me to sing with in St. Saviour’s choir (the lead singer for Groove Armada), sing at music festivals in the UK and sing backing vocals for a variety of artists. At the same time, I learnt the ukulele which I find perfect for accompanying my singing. It’s an instrument that’s fun, fun, fun! It’s small and light, comes in lots of colours and you can take it anywhere!


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Due to Government restrictions classes are not currently running. I plan to start them again in 2021; but also I will be launching adult groups for adults to play ukuleles, meet like minded people and have fun! I plan to collaborate with other musicians where we all perform at local events.

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Ukebox Baby gives young children the chance to discover music for themselves, while learning to play an instrument. I have created my own versions of popular children’s songs which enable young children to be able to learn and play songs they know…and have fun doing it!

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Ukuleles are small and light, with only 4 strings, so toddlers are able to hold them and strum them. By 4 or 5 years old, many children are able to play songs on the ukulele using simple chords. What’s more, ukuleles are relatively reasonably priced, and come in fun bright colours.

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I teach the children to play ukulele but also allow them to experience everything about music, including playing rhythm games, dancing and using other instruments such as rattles and shakers.

This combination of fun games helps children to enjoy music and be inspired to play the ukulele. My aim is to make your child happy, for them to have fun and for everyone to leave loving music as much as I do!


***Ukeboxbaby at Brighton Fringe***

We are delighted to announce that we are performing at Brighton Fringe Festival this year!

We are performing in the Caravanserai area of the festival, who are amazing people from Camp Bestival on two different days.

To book, click here to visit the Brighton Fringe Festival ticket website