I'm currently on maternity leave; classes will start again in 2018.
I'm currently on maternity leave; classes will start again in 2018.
Maternity Leave
Hi and thanks for dropping by! I’m currently on maternity leave and will look at launching again in 2018. Please send me an email using the contact page if you want me to add you to my mailing list. Thanks Penny

A Few Words About Our Classes

The classes are designed to give young children the chance to make music for themselves by playing the ukulele and other fun instruments. The classes are a blend of playing instruments and fun dances to keep the little ones attention.

We chose to teach ukuleles as they are small and light, with only 4 strings, so toddlers are able to hold them and strum them. By 4 or 5 years old, many children are able to play songs on the ukulele using simple chords. What’s more, ukuleles are relatively reasonably priced, and come in fun bright colours.

  • Early exposure to learning music helps brain development and helps with maths and languages
  • The classes are bespoke and change each week, helping children develop through the term
  • The classes are designed to blend playing music with fun, so children leave happy and not just worked!
More About Classes

What people say about the classes

“Penny is a wonderful teacher who combines learning with so much fun. My daughters are enraptured when she sings and plays, and her lessons are a firm favourite with my older daughter.
Fantastic fun for all ages – I would definitely recommend her”

Lorna, Cobham

“Wonderful! My 2 girls do ukulele classes with Penny at nursery and LOVE it. I totally recommend this mums!”

Storm, Cobham

Penny is fantastic! A great introduction to playing the ukulele. My daughter looks forward to her class each week.

Gini, Guildford

On Maternity Leave

Thanks for dropping by. I’m on maternity leave and classes will start again in 2018. If you’d like me to add you to my mailing list, please send me a message through the contact form. Thanks Penny